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LockerBones - Business Matters

A Clinton inventor and his business partner are enjoying a boost in sales after their product got national exposure on a network reality show in January. Despite the glamour of being on national TV, at the end of the day Greg Cronin is simply "the locker guy".

Cronin created and sells LockerBones, a product he developed for his daughter five years ago, so she could organize her locker. Other students liked what they saw.

"They literally said, 'hey where did you get that one,'" Cronin recounted. "They were impressed with it and they thought it was cool."

Within weeks, several of Ashley Cronin's classmates had their own LockerBones. The influence of his daughter's need is reflected in the official company's title: FMD (For My Daughter/From My Dad)

The dad of one of those fore-mentioned classmates, Dr. Stephen Coachys, jumped on board and invested in Cronin's idea. While Cronin's the mastermind behind the organizational locker storage system it was Coachys who had the big idea last year.

"We're local, go big or go home," Coachys said. "I applied to Shark Tank."

Riding the momentum of placing second at Innovate Mississippi's start-up competition Cronin and Coachys applied for a spot on the ABC reality show, which showcases inventions to a panel of potential investors. Out of 35,000 applicants last season, LockerBones was one of 100 products featured on Shark Tank.

They shot the show in September 2013 and their episode aired on January 17, 2014. Cronin and Coachys' moment on the national stage proved a success. 

"Two sharks saw it, they loved it," Cronin exclaimed. "Two of them decided they wanted to be a part of it."

Following the show it became clear that it was not just "sharks" that were interested.

"After the show, within three weeks we had 3.2 million hits (on the website)." Coachys said. 

The bounce in web traffic means Diversified Auctions, a fulfillment center in, Clinton has been shipping out a lot of LockerBones lately. While online orders have been consistent the long term goal is to get LockerBones on store shelves.  That is a a goal that Cronin said is in sight.

"We've been proactively contacted, from the airing of the show, by the 'big boys' (Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, etc.) you might say, and entertaining the discussions to get it prepped and ready for retail shelves," Cronin said.

With it not quite ready for retail just yet the best way to get LockerBones right now is through their website,

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