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Jack Hanna visits Jackson Zoo

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

World-renowned wildlife expert Jack Hanna made a stop in the Capital City Thursday. Hanna came to raise money for the Jackson Zoo and other charities in a special event at the Jackson Convention Complex, but before all that, he toured the city's zoo.

Hanna, who serves as director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo in Columbus, Ohio, said he's pleased with Jackson's zoological facilities. However, he said funding issues are a problem for zoos across the nation, and warns Jackson leaders not to lose sight of the zoo as a powerful economic engine.

"This is impressive, what I've seen today," said Hanna. "I really am, I'm taken aback. I expected to see something not like this. Trust me."

Hanna said he would be against moving the zoo out of its current location, saying zoos in Cincinnati and New York City do just fine in inner-city neighborhoods.

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