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Mid South Baking Company - Business Matters

PELAHATCHIE, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It looks like a scene out of "Willy Wonka" as thousands of working parts harmoniously come together to bake millions of hamburger buns every week. The president and CEO of Mid South Baking Company in Pelahatchie, Steve Warden, is still amazed when he sees it come together everyday.

"It takes a lot of concerted effort on a lot of people's parts to make the Mid South daily miracle happen," Warden said.

However, this miracle can be explained. 200 workers keep the round-the-clock operation moving in shifts at the 100,000 square foot mega bakery. From regular sized buns, to the ones adorned with sesame seeds, Warden says they roll out one-million a day.

Doing the math, since they opened in 1995 Mid South Baking has made nearly 7 billion buns. They have to keep up with demand, because their sole customer famously claims to serve billions.

"The consumer has the confidence when they go into a McDonald's restaurant between Albuquerque, New Mexico and Augusta, Georgia,...that product is going to be safe and wholesome," Warden said.

Amongst 14,000 North American locations Mid South Baking is the exclusive supplier to about 3,400 McDonald's. Founded in Texas in 1979, Mid South Baking expanded to Mississippi in 1995. According to Warden the local workforce has not disappointed.

"Number-1 you have to have a good starting point and we have a very good employee base here," Warden said.

He says it is important to honor that commitment from the community.

"We want them to be proud of where they work," Warden said. "We spend time with them, we educate them, we train them. We want this to be a family environment as-much-as-possible while they are away from their family."

That commitment to employees keeps the "Mid South miracle" alive. Mid South Baking Company employs an additional 200 people at their Texas bakery. They churn out two-to-three million English muffins a day at that facility for the McMuffin.

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