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A Simpson County convenience store is a favorite target for burglars

SIMPSON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Simpson County authorities are investigating three convenience store burglaries. Stolen items are possibly being re-sold in the Pinola community.

The store is in a remote area, at the junction of Highway 28 and 13 in Pinola. Brock's Express Store has been hit 3 times by burglars in the last 8 months. The last time March 16.

We obtained surveillance photo's, including the get-away vehicle. A dark colored Pontiac. Lawmen showed us how the two burglars smashed a plate glass window, even took the lights out above that window before they broke in.

The men went straight for the cigars and cigarettes. Why? Because they are the most expensive items inside this convenience store. Simpson county investigators believe those items are being re-sold on the streets.

"I want to stop it," said Captain Donnie McGovern with the Simpson County Sheriff's  Department. These people work hard for what they got. These people come out here they want to take stuff for nothing and they are ruining their lives is what they are doing if we ever catch them"

The business owners says she feels violated, adding it's hard enough to make it during these economic times. If caught the burglars face one possibly three felony charges that can send them to the penitentiary.

If you have any information call Crimestoppers at 601-355-TIPS, or the Simpson county Sheriff's office, 601-847-2921. You could receive an award if the burglars are arrested.

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