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Walt's Look Around: Last Blast from the Arctic Circle

ROSS BARNETT RESERVOIR, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

I hate to even bring up the cold again, but I got a brain freeze standing out in the gale winds at the Barnett Reservoir, that Monday the first part of this month that the latest polar express roared through our area. So I'm not just going to tuck all of this footage on a shelf and not used it for something.

March, our traditional transitional month from winter to spring, came in neither like a lion nor a lamb, but like a frozen Eskimo Pie.

We had already had some warmer days before that last blast from the Arctic Circle; enough warm days to bring the temperature of the water in the lake well up above the temperature of the air blowing over it that day.

And as the angry winds whipped up waves and chop, it scooped up water vapor off the lake and instantly cooled it to the condensation point and tossed it out over the roads and banks of the rez and across the parking lots and wads of fog.

There is sort of a morbid beauty to nature working itself into a frothy foam over winter; curious to see it for one thing.

The reservoir smoking and blowing like this is a rare sight. I can recall seeing it this way only once before. It may have done it other times and I just missed it.

But the time I recall was just before Christmas about 25 years ago. And although I had my camera with me, it was too cold to stop and shoot. I figured I'd wait until the next time it looked like that. And so far as I know, this is that next time that it looked like that and then get it.

So I wasn't going to chicken out and not get my shots this time. But as cold as it was, I'm glad I got that over with. And speaking of over with, hopefully we are over with bad winter weather for this year and we can start seeing sights like this popping out.

First comes the Carolina Jasmine. Then the redbud and the dogwood and azalea and then air conditioners going full blast, melting away the memory of our hard winter.

Personally, I'm looking forward to complaining about the heat again. And I'll feel good doing it. But even as nice as it is getting, I'm not going to set out my tomatoes just yet.

This is just march. And this is Mississippi. And this has been a surprising winter already. I don't want to get caught by an April fools joke brought in by that north wind.

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