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Making A Difference: Tolar Purvis and Project Eagle's Nest

Guatemala is a beautiful country. And a group of students from Jackson Prep went there to do some mission work and play basketball and soccer.

Basketball is OUR game. Soccer? Not so much. But in the process they visited several orphanages.

"Well, when we went down there we went to probably 5 or 6 orphanages," said William Townsend, a Jackson Prep Student who was along on the trip. "And in each one there's probably like 300 or so in each one."

One orphanage in particular struck a chord with Tolar Purvis. It's called The Eagles' Nest.

"I fell in love with it and I just felt being called to go back and do something," said Purvis. 

Now, the book would be wide open as to what all an orphanage in Guatemala might need. But The Eagles Nest replied to Tolar that there were specifics he could help with.

Help build an auto garage to teach mechanics so some of them can learn a trade. Buy the land next to them so they can expand. Andrew Davidson adds that there is something else the youngsters need as they age.

"Trying to get furniture for a transition home for the orphans as they get older," said Davidson.

So Tolar brought the challenges the Eagles Nest faced to his Global Leadership Institution class at Jackson Prep and the next thing you know they have a plan to help. They have already raised over 10 thousand dollars.

Where as many of us would have seen such need and shook our heads and said, "Be blessed and be warm and be fed," and figured we had done all we could, Tolar and his friends came back to Mississippi and started doing SOME thing.

Bailey Marble, another Prep student sees the magnitude of the project.

"I mean it is really surprising that two kids in Mississippi could do something like this," said Marble. But thanks to the Make A Difference project the school really gets behind you and really helps you through this process."

So in Guatemala a bunch of eagles will be leaving the nest and successfully flying because a small group of Mississippi folks banded behind Tolar Purvis and his Make A Difference project at Jackson Prep and are making it happen.

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