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Walt's Look Around: St. Francisville, Louisiana

ST. FRANCISVILLE, LA (Mississippi News Now) -

Where we're heading is so connected to southwest Mississippi that you don't even have to cross a river or anything to get to this part of Louisiana, just the state line, which is just a line on a map, and a very blurred line in some cases.

Over spring break, we decided to pile in the car and take a break from home ourselves. And we wanted to go somewhere exotic, but somewhere we could also get to on a tank of gas.

So, along with another couple who were ALSO ready for a break, we headed for St. Francisville, Louisiana. Thinking that would be far, far away from our normal stomping grounds. Well, it's like going to "Baja Mississippi" in that part of Louisiana.

There's still Civil War history, still plantations on the river, and a bunch of places and people present and past with strong Mississippi ties.

For instance, we missed just by one day the 200th birthday celebration for Sarah Knox Taylor Davis. Sarah was the daughter of the man who would become the 12th President of the United States, Zachery Taylor.

She married Jefferson Davis who's family's plantation is just up the road, Rosemont Plantation in Woodville, Mississippi. Sarah died of malaria only three months after they married while visiting Jefferson Davis' sister in St. Francisville and is buried in the family cemetery there.

Another tie to Mississippi is her father. A historic marker up in Rodney, Mississippi, says Zachery Taylor had a plantation nearby and may well have been there when he got word of his election to the Presidency.

And speaking of Rodney, on our way back home we took the back roads and came to Rodney to see the old Baptist Church. The building is in pretty sad shape, especially after taking on nine or ten feet of water during the Mississippi River flood of 2011.

But it was shored up a great deal recently by the movie company in Mississippi filming the James Brown story. Some scenes were shot here in Rodney and they may well have saved the church form falling down by what they did here, or at least saved it long enough for someone else to come pick up the ball and run with it some more.

And of course you can't go to Rodney without visiting the old Presbyterian Church. This building was built in 1832, and about 25 years ago was pretty thoroughly restored, only to deteriorate back to this again.

There's more river connections we discovered and more stories from the Lower River we'll do over the next few weeks all with interesting Mississippi connections.

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