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Baseball stadium has 13 months to be built before games begin


Biloxi's new minor league baseball team is set to play ball in just 13 months, but as of now the stadium doesn't exist. Plans have been drawn for months, they even had a ground breaking ceremony, but there is still no sign of a stadium.

Ward six Councilman Kenny Glavan says the city is talking baseball every day. Yates Construction is over the project, and he says they are always checking a new item off of their to-do list.

"They're kind of repositioning some of the electrical, surveying some of the components of that, and they've been communicating to businesses that there may be some outages temporarily," said Glavan.

According to Glavan, some power poles need to be removed, so surrounding businesses will face outages for a few hours in coming weeks. If things don't begin moving shortly, the city will have to pay the team owners a $10,000 fine per home game missed.

"I think we are prepared, and that's a good point. It keeps us on our toes, but there is a cap on it so we have some protection," said Glavan.

The cranes are in position and ready to go, but Glavan says there are still some decisions that need to be made before constructing this multimillion dollar stadium.

"Just last week we awarded several bids for the paving, some of the electrical and engineering work, so I think in two or three weeks it will look completely different than what you see today," said Glavan.

Even though it's just an empty parking lot right now, some people are already hearing the cheers, picturing the stadium lights and of course imagining all the people baseball will bring to downtown Biloxi.

"We're already seeing development interest in a lot of pieces of property in and around the stadium and that's going to be the bigger news at the end of the day," said Glavan.

The stadium was estimated to cost $38 million, which was $2 million over budget. Glavan tells us they recently shaved $1 million off that projection. They believe they could even bring that within their $36 million budget.

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