Same sex couples apply for marriage licenses in Hinds Co. - - Jackson, MS

Same sex couples apply for marriage licenses in Hinds Co.

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -


On Tuesday morning, five same sex couples went inside the Hinds County Courthouse in hopes of receiving a marriage license.

All five couples were denied because our state only recognizes marriage between a man and a woman. The "WE DO" campaign is a fight for equality and the campaign continues to push for a change in state laws.

Rev. Jasmine Beach Ferrara says although Mississippi does not recognize same sex marriage, the clerk does have the choice of giving same sex couples an actual marriage license.

"The clerk has that choice. We respect the position they are in and the reality that they are asked to enforce that law," said Ferrara. "What we've seen in states like Pennsylvania is clerks are like you know what, on the other side of that major Supreme Court ruling last summer it feels clear to me that this law is unconstitutional and my oath is to uphold the constitution and I'm going to make the decision to grant this license."

If this were to happen it would result in court cases and litigation.

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