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Cat stuck in tree 5 days rescued

PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There was a dramatic rescue of a different kind Tuesday night in Pearl. Neighbors and professionals came together to rescue a cat stuck in a tree for five days.

Binx's cries from atop the Sweet Gum tree could be heard throughout the neighborhood and along Patterson Street in Pearl. His owner, Ronald Filmer, said Binx climbed into the tree Thursday and has been stuck ever since.

With freezing temperatures expected Tuesday night, neighbor Summer Slovak couldn't bear the thought of his being cold and hungry for another day.

"I called the fire dept and they couldn't get him for insurance purposes and then I called animal control, and they said he would come down on his own," said Slovak.

After hitting roadblocks, the 31 year old mom and animal lover reached out for help on social media. An animal activist contacted tree cutting service owner Jerry Griffin. He's made about six cat tree rescues.

"He just got up there and got frightened," said Griffin.

"He broke his leg when he came down, back leg ,and he landed on his feet? He did," said Griffin when asked about his last cat rescue.

A narrow space and other trees prevented the tree cutting expert from getting his truck beneath the tree so he reached out to colleague Buddy Greenlee.

Greenlee put on special climbing gear and scaled the 50 foot Sweet Gum tree. Binx appeared to hang on for dear life as the limbs swayed and Greenlee got closer.

And finally after days and nights longing for ground the frightened feline's rescue was at hand.

"It was ok until I put him in my coat, and he ran up my coat sleeve," said Greenlee. "He couldn't have gone no farther in the top than he already was. Just thank God the tree held up, and it didn't break." 

It was a happy ending for everyone.

"He comes over here and plays with my kids all the time. He's super sweet," said Slovak. "So when I saw him up there I felt really bad for him." 

Greenlee had Binx down and in his owners arms in less than ten minutes. It's his fifth cat rescue in his 30 year career.

Hopefully this means no more tree climbing for Binx who was quickly whisked into the warmth of his home for a long overdue meal.

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