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Diversified Auctions - Business Matters

CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Diversified Auctions warehouse in Clinton is stocked and according to the man that runs the show, Adam Pollock, they will sell just about anything.

"Boats, then we've got lots of diamonds," Pollock said. "Purses, I know the ladies love those." 

For the guys they have got weed eaters and pressure washers. The eclectic catalogue of consignment merchandise can only be found on their website, Diversifiedbrands.net, or others such as Ebay or Amazon.

While these day-to-day items keep them busy with about 100 transactions a day, they had 30,000 sales last year, it is the unforeseen items that keeps Pollock passionate.

"There are hidden treasures everywhere," Pollock exclaimed.

A few years back while helping a client in Tupelo liquidate an estate Pollock posted a telegraph on EBay they thought was worth $50. Pollock and his client had no idea the treasure they had on their hands.

"One thing that I have found with having a world-wide audience, somebody will know what it is," Pollock said.

Within minutes of listing the telegraph, or "sounder", for online auction, Pollock said they got a message. 

"Alexander Graham Bell's telegraph," Pollock said. "Would have never known. It was in a shoebox in Tupelo, Mississippi."

To be exact it was a Charles Williams telegraph. Williams shared office space with Bell in Boston. Bell dreamt up the device while Williams built it.

Long story short it sold to someone in Phoenix, Arizona for $7,000.

That is just one example, and it is a part of what Pollock said has caused the online retail market to explode in the last decade. It doesn't hurt that his marketplace knows no borders.

Diversified Auctions is able to sell and ship merchandise all over the world and while they may send product to Europe and Australia they are making an impact on the local economy.

"We pay this shipping company, they pay their employees," Pollock described. "People buy something from us, with our profit dollars we turn around and re-invest in business, in infrastructure, in people and lives."

To see that "re-investment" look no further than Diversified's offices and warehouse. They started three years ago with two people and they now employ 15.

In addition, with their shipping capabilities they provide a fulfillment source for central Mississippi entrepreneurs who want to get their product to a nation-wide, if not a world-wide, customer base. For example they are the distributor for Clinton based "LockerBones" and Muddy Water Camo in Madison County.  

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