Schools prepare to implement PARCC test - - Jackson, MS

Schools prepare to implement PARCC test

The rest of the week will be busy for Algebra 1 students at Pearl High School

"We're going to give the Common Core Algebra 1 PARCC field test on Thursday and Friday of this week to our Algebra 1 students," says Principal Lundy Brantley. "We'll have approximately 200 students tested during those two days."

Beginning next year, PARCC will replace the Algebra 1 and English 2 components of the required S-A-T-P testing in Mississippi high schools. Pearl High is one of 513 schools across the state that chose to participate in a "test of the test" this year. The pilot will determine whether the test measures what it's supposed to, and whether it's fair.

Students understand the computer-based format will be different.

"Our teachers have already showed us the different format. It will have drop-down calculators, rulers, using inches and centimeters and stuff like that," says 10th grader Sierra Crow, who will take the pilot test.

The questions will be in story form, and require multiple steps. Instead of going for breadth, the test aims for depth. There are only roughly 18 questions, but they will take time to solve.

"They'll be a little more difficult. The Common Core Algebra 1 will have more Algebra 2 concepts in it than it has in the past. The English 2 test rigor-wise, we don't look for that to be a whole lot different than our old English 2 test, but the standards will be deeper," Brantley says.

The English 2 component is being piloted in other schools, and next year, all high schools will fully implement the full PARCC battery of tests. 

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