Residents complain potholes damage vehicles - - Jackson, MS

Residents complain potholes damage vehicles

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Residents of a large Jackson subdivision say their pothole complaints are being ignored by the city while their vehicles take daily abuse.

Families living along George Washington Street in Presidential Hills say they are fed up with pothole filled streets. They say they have been turning to the city for help for months.

Multiple potholes can been seen along the street. According to resident, they are paying taxes for street repaving, but even more money is going into vehicle repair.

Homeowners said just one street over on John F. Kennedy the road was repaved during campaign season, but when that candidate lost the work stopped.

"You're ducking and dodging these holes, trying to drive down the street, either trying to drive down the street or either trying to drive up the street, either way you can't miss them. I've got two great big potholes right in front of my driveway. I can't back out without hitting them," said George Washington Street resident Peggy Gordon.

"They patch them up every now and then as soon as they patch them up once 20 or 30 cars run through them it comes right back out again," said Robert Ghoston who also lives on George Washington Street.

Ward Two Councilman Melvin Priester Jr., who represents that area, called with a response.

"We take these concerns very seriously. I have reported and gotten repaired a number of potholes in Presidential Hills and reached out to both residents tonight, but they have not returned my calls," Priester said. 

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