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Man who shot victim in property dispute receives no bond

Cregg Puckett Cregg Puckett
RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

31-year-old Cregg Puckett appeared in court Tuesday to try to get bond for charges related to shooting Thomas Presley six times on March 23. Presley had been fishing on a pond partly on Puckett's property.

Judge Kent McDaniel learned that Puckett is also facing three simple assault charges, two of them from just two months ago, for which he didn't show up in court. None of the charges have yet resulted in convictions.

"All of which look very similar. Pulling out a weapon, threatening people, killing ducks, shooting a weapon within a very short distance of other people," McDaniel said. "This kind of conduct is completely beyond my understanding."

Judge McDaniel denied bond for now. He wants Puckett to get a full mental work-up to better determine whether he poses a risk to the public.

District Attorney Michael Guest says Puckett needs to stay in jail, considering the nature of the shooting of Presley.

"I am led to believe, speaking with investigators, that the last several rounds were fired at the victim as he was laying on the ground," Guest says. "We believe Mr. Puckett represents a danger to the community based on the prior allegations that have been filed against him in Justice Court. It is alleged that Mr. Puckett threatened individuals, that there were firearms produced."

Presley's family was in court. They told us Presley is out of the hospital.

The issue of bond might come up again in court next week.

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