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Jackson Mayoral Profile: Regina Quinn

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We continue with our profiles on Jackson mayoral candidates. I talked with attorney Regina Quinn who has her grassroots campaign in high gear for a second run. She has one week to make her case.

The 53 year old Jackson attorney netted 15% of the vote in the 2013 election. Then threw her support behind Mayor Lumumba. Quinn vows to clean up the mess and fix what is broken, with no new taxes.

She lobbied for the 1 cent sales tax with the late Mayor.

"I availed myself to the office of the Mayor because he was gracious enough to allow me to work with him and to help him fashion a strategy for the city," said Quinn. "I suggested to him to move forward with the local option sales tax. That took some doing."

Tuesday she was transparent about previous financial difficulties. Two bankruptcies in 1997 and then 2006. Is she ready to manage the city's budget and financial woes?

"We have looming financial debt over this city of Jackson," said Quinn. "I'm a person that has faced tough financial issues and faced them head on, worked my way through it."

Over time her financial troubles were resolved. She acknowledges it will take all factions to address Jackson's long term challenges.

"We have to have one Jackson. One Jackson together that is what I'm about and that's what I am preaching to people," said the candidate. "We know how to be divisive. We know how to fight each other. Let's learn how to work together and I believe only then we will be able to move Jackson forward together."

The democratic candidate vows to take on the culture of crime without replacing the Police Chief, to promote small business jobs and restore Jackson's tarnished image as the crossroads of the south.

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