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Injured inmate's family searching for answers

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The family of one of the injured Hinds County inmates is hitting road blocks at every turn they try for answers. Julius Crawford has been in the Hinds County jail for eight months on a house burglary charge. Right now, his family's not positive where he is.

"I know he's an inmate but he was my son before he became an inmate," said Julius' mother, Mallory Crawford. "And I just want to know where my child is."

Crawford said she hasn't slept. She's been exhausting all her options to answer that one question. Her daughter Quanesha was the last family member to talk to Julius. The conversation was a short one.

"Was like Quanesha, can you please call momma," she said as she recounted the call. "He was like, it's a riot going on. I have been stabbed. And he said his friends had helped put him in the roof. And the phone hung up."

That call came in around 6:30 Monday night.

"It's terrifying," Quanesha explained. "I just want to know if he OK."

Just 30 minutes later, Julius' mom got a similar call. This one from a blocked number.

"They asked me did I have a son named Julius Crawford and I said yes I do," Mallory Crawford explained. "And they was like, OK well he's been stabbed. And I said stabbed where? She said well he's in jail and he's been stabbed. And they hung up the phone."

She immediately called the jail. The woman who answered at the front desk asked for Julius' social security number, birth date and a physical description.

Mallory Crawford explained that conversation, "She said that he had been stabbed four times and he was unconscious and I said, stabbed where? She said in the stomach. And she said well, we're waiting on airlift."

Yet, she refused to tell Crawford which hospital he would be taken to. She went back and forth between UMMC and CMMC. Both had the same response.

"We won't be able to tell you anything," is what Crawford said she heard. "You'll have to contact the jail."

She kept the phone close at hand, hoping for any confirmation. While I was there, she got a breakthrough.

A friend that works at CMMC said she'd seen Julius there. She told Mallory that he is there under an alias.

Still, she can't rest.

"As long as she saw him, she was able to just put eyes on him," said Mallory Crawford. "I'm happy for that. But I want to put my eyes on him. That's all I want to do."

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