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Firehouse Moustache Wax - Business Matters

A Madison County firefighter was on a mission several years ago to find the perfect moustache wax. When that proved hard to come by John Pitts started brainstorming.  

"I said, 'well heck, I'll just make my own,'" Pitts recounted. "After about two years of trial-and-error we came up with this."

Pitts, who has sported a handlebar moustache since 1987, has been making Firehouse Moustache Wax out of his west Madison County cabin for the last seven years. The wax for every tin of FMW is homemade and hand-poured.

With the help of his wife of 22 years, Kristine Pitts, they have watched the facial hair-care product go from the cabin kitchen to customers all over the world.

"Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Canada, Great Britain," Pitts listed. "I like to know we're putting an American product out there."

The married couple and business partners admit their surprise at how the moustache wax has captured interest from moustache aficionados world-wide. 

"Exciting, surprising, I never dreamed it would be something that I could do full-time," Kristine Pitts said.

Ironically, Kristine was not the biggest fan of John's stache, but for obvious reasons she has warmed-up to it.

"Never seen him without the moustache, never was a huge fan, but now that it's my job...(laughter)," Kristine Pitts said.

John Pitts even revealed that there have been times when he thought the handlebar moustache was in danger.

"She's always said that she was thinking about shaving it when I was asleep at night," John Pitts said. "I don't think she's going to do that now, she likes the stache."

And customers like the wax. So-much-so Kristine said sales of the tiny tins have doubled every year since 2010.

Firehouse Moustache Wax is available at barber shops and boutiques, but a wide swath of their consumer base is from online purchases.

"We started getting some Amazon retailers and they order large amounts," Kristine Pitts said.

Kristine Pitts handles the sales and accounting for Firehouse Moustache Wax and she said five such Amazon retailers order 2,000 tins at a time.

The Pitts business model goes beyond their bottom line. An emphasis of their enterprise it to give a portion of their profits to charity. 25-cents of every tin sold goes to charity which they select for an entire calendar year. 

In 2013, they raised $6,400 for "Wish for our Heroes", a military support charity. This year's charity is "Guardians of Rescue". That charity pairs neglected dogs from war zones, such as Afghanistan, to be companion pets for U.S. military veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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