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Jackson Mayoral Profile: John Horhn

State Senator and lifelong Jackson resident John Horhn says he is the most qualified and experienced candidate to lead this city.

The 6 term senator grew up in the Virden Addition, and has also helped it grow. He was instrumental in getting Cades Courtyard senior housing off the ground. A safe haven in a crime-ridden area.

"I've got an economic development background that goes back 30 years," said Horhn. "I've got experience with housing. I've got experience with health care. When you look at infrastructure housing, and health care, those are going to be the economic drivers in our city." 

Horhn says he gets results through diverse relationships.

"To survive in the Mississippi legislature 21 years and bring $450 million worth of projects back to the city of Jackson over the course of those 21 years, demonstrates that I know how to work both sides of the aisle," said Horhn.

Last year, Horhn was charged with driving under the influence.  

"It's been a very humbling experience for me and it has let me know how precious life is and how precious a persons reputation is; how many people have been praying for me, trying to lift me up."

The Senator says his focus is moving the city forward, a city filled with challenges.

"The biggest issue we have to deal with is crime," added Horhn. "The perception and reality of crime in Jackson is crippling us and so we have to very quickly get those under control, and let people know if they come to Jackson or are a resident of Jackson they can be safe anywhere in the city." 

The special election for Mayor of Jackson is April 8th.

Thursday night we will talk with democratic challenger and incumbent city Councilman, Melvin Priester.

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