Anonymous mudslinging in race for Mayor - - Jackson, MS

Anonymous mudslinging in Jackson mayor's race

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Members of 100 Concerned Clergy for a Better Jackson, and independent pastors, want to make a few things clear about some flyers that have been circulating at churches and other gathering places. One, they're not endorsing any candidate for Mayor of Jackson.

"Whoever is putting out these letters, we are not a part of that, we're not gonna be a part of that," said Pastor Hosea Hines.

The flyers equate mayoral candidate Tony Yarber with the Tea Party, and suggest he had some scandal while employed with the Jackson and Hinds County School Districts.

They link candidate Antar Lumumba with the bankrupt City of Detroit, and state his campaign is financed by drug dealers.

"Both (flyers) are criticizing Antar Lumumba and Tony Yarber," said Pastor Dewayne Pickett. "These are two young men who worked very hard in their life to get where they are."

The literature was sent out by "The Concerned Clergy": A name similar to 100 Concerned Clergy for a Better Jackson.

"We believe it's just ungodly and improper for someone to use propaganda in a dirty way, especially using the influence of the religious community. It's just not fair," said Hines.

"There's something wrong in this city, that that's what we stoop to, to try to castigate these young men," added Pickett.

Candidate Lumumba has released a statement saying he denounces tactics meant to misguide and manipulate the people.

Yarber tells us he's focused on preparing to lead the city, not on responding to negative campaigning. 

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