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Instagram reunites siblings

HAZLEHURST, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

"I said hey, are you my sister? My name is Nia Edwards and I haven't seen you since I was four or five years old.  She's 42 now, so it was about 18 years ago since I last saw her. And she said yes, little lady, I've been looking for you."

Twenty-three year old Nia Edwards has been searching for her siblings since she was in high school, particularly an older sister and an older brother. Finding her sister just over a week ago in Houston Texas, also led to another overwhelming discovery in the lone star state. "Also my brother, Milton Edwards. I haven't seen him at all, and he's never seen me," Nia explained. 

Nia tried every avenue for years to find her siblings, but she hit the jack pot with one app. "I've tried Facebook, My Space...Instagram did it. They answered my prayers. They really did." And just like the Instagram AP, relationships between siblings began to develop instantly.

The now grown children say there is no bitterness over the family's break up when they were young, just feelings of blessings to be reunited. "Even though we just met, it feels like we've known each other forever," Nia said. "They say me and Brenda kind of resemble."

Older brother Milton is planning a trip to Hazlehurst to see Nia this summer. "He spoke to his wife yesterday and he told me they are for sure coming here to see me. He says he wants to take me out to eat. We've been texting back and forth ever since I first called him."

Nia is even texting him about our visit, writing "I'm so glad to share my story." and then she rephrases it. "Our story."

The search for siblings has not ended for this family. "I do have a sister named Candice and one named Maurice that I have not seen, so hopefully I can get in contact with them as well."

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