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Kindergarten student suspended for hand gesture

LAWRENCE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A six year old kindergarten student was slapped with one day of in school suspension Monday after he made a hand gesture while playing with friends. His mom, infuriated by the punishment.

"He made his hand into the shape of a gun," said Ashley Sandifer. "They play like good guy bad guy. And I know a couple of weeks ago he was playing deer hunting. So they are not intending to hurt anybody." 

The principal at Topeka Tilton Attendance Center in Lawrence County told Ashley the reason Trey was given in school suspension is because his hand gesture could have offended someone.

"I think it's wrong that they can't let little kids have imagination and play like they've always played," said Sandifer. "It upset me because I don't think it's wrong for them to do that."

Trey's teacher sends his behavioral chart home every single day for Ashley to initial. Each day of the week will either have a green dot for excellent behavior, or a red dot for major problems. 

"This is his calendar for the month. He has a green light for every day this month even though he's apparently been in trouble," said Sandifer. "I actually wrote a letter on the back. Why are all his lights green? He has been missing recess and today couldn't have a snack. It helps if I know what is going on with him. And I signed my name. I will try and keep you better informed. Ms. Summer."

However, the kindergartner had to spend the entire school day in suspension on Tuesday for his bad behavior.

We did speak to the Lawrence County Superintendent. She says she cannot speak about any student's disciplinary action unless it is with the child's parent.

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