Fonzworth Bentley Talks Education In Jackson - - Jackson, MS

Fonzworth Bentley Talks Education In Jackson

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Musician, actor and author Fonzworth Bentley is also an  advocate for education.  Bentley, who may be best known for his days working with rap star, Sean "P Diddy" Combs says he believes education is the civil rights issue of this generation.

He was in Jackson to discuss the importance of quality schools, teachers and the support of the public.  A rally called "Raise Your Hand for Mississippi Students" was held by the Jackson Association of Educators. JAE calls this a National Day of Action.  

Bentley says education is critical for growth and equity in Mississippi and that includes technology.

"You go to churches, some people don't even walk in with a bible, they walk in with an iPAD," said Bentley. "So it's like we really have to not just get with the times, we have to stay with the times, but you've got to stay ahead of the times. If you're not ahead of the times, you live behind the day, because technology moves so fast." 

Bentley says his great grandfather went to Mississippi Valley State, his grandmother to Alcorn, and his mother grew up in Alligator, Mississippi.  

He says this state produces a lot of talent but the challenge is to have the resources to keep that talent here.

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