County officials meet with Gov. Bryant about funding for jail re - - Jackson, MS

County officials meet with Gov. Bryant about funding for jail repairs

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The investigation continues into a riot that claimed the life of a Hinds county inmate Monday night. Now county and state leaders are discussing solutions to the re-occurring problems there.

Thursday a meeting was held in Governor Phil Bryant's office and the topic of discussion was funding and repairs for the Hinds County jail.

The meeting was arranged by Senator John Horhn. In attendance, Sheriff Tyrone Lewis, and Supervisors Darrel McQuirter and Peggy Calhoun.

Senator Horhn left the meeting saying he wanted to see if the state could help with possibly issuing bonds, or seeking out federal funds to help in renovations to the pods damaged in the riots.

There was also talk about the costs and benefits of constructing a new facility.

"All the issues as I understand in my conversations with the sheriff and with the board are under advisement," said Senator Horhn.T"they're taking them into consideration. They have not made any specific decisions about it yet."

Sheriff Lewis declined to talk on camera about specifics of the meeting.

He did say that order has been restored at the Raymond detention center, and it's currently on lock down.

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