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U.S. strong, not steady in latest jobs report

One private economist says the March jobs report shows that "we're back to where we were before the weather got bad."

John Canally of LPL Financial is reacting to this morning's report showing that employers added jobs at a solid pace in March, and hired more in January and February than had been thought.

The economy gained 192,000 jobs in March, slightly below February's revised total of 197,000.

The unemployment rate stays the same, at 6.7 percent.

Americans appear to be more optimistic about their job prospects.

A half-million people started looking for work last month -- and according to the report, most of them found employment.

And there's a big milestone in the report: More than six years after the Great Recession began, private employers have finally regained all of the jobs that were lost.

Still, the population has grown over that time, leaving the unemployment rate higher.

And many of the new jobs pay less than the ones they replaced. Last month, most of the hiring was in lower-paying industries.

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