No-confidence vote against Sheriff goes nowhere - - Jackson, MS

No-confidence vote against Sheriff goes nowhere

HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hinds County Supervisor Kenneth Stokes' motion to support a vote of no-confidence regarding Sheriff Tyrone Lewis and jail administrator Dianne Gatson-Riley died for lack of a second at Monday's meeting. He says the gang fight that left inmate Marquise Bennett dead on March 31 should not have happened, especially after a Grand Jury investigation last year determined changes had to be made.

"Who do you blame? The buck stops with the Sheriff and the Jail Administrator," Supervisor Stokes tells us. "Poor people don't believe they're gonna get justice, and that their children might get killed or hurt (in the jail)."

A no-confidence vote would have sent a message to the U.S. Justice Department, Stokes says.

The family of Julius Crawford, another inmate at the jail at the time of the riot, says Sheriff Lewis promised them a phone call to let them know if Crawford was ok, but he never called.

"What I told Ms. Crawford is, we would definitely give her a call the next day. I didn't identify who that would be," Sheriff Lewis says, adding that Gatson-Riley got in touch with Crawford. And it turns out Julius Crawford wasn't injured in the fight, according to Lewis.

But several other inmates were. 3 On Your Side is aware of photos circulating on social media of a bloody jail scene. The photos are too graphic to show. Lewis has not confirmed whether or not they were taken at the Hinds Detention Center during the jail fight.

We asked him if there was a lot of blood that night.

"It was a bad scene because you had two groups," he tells us.

As for Stokes' no-confidence motion, he says this.

"I hope he received a message that he's part of this situation as well that needs to be evaluated. If there's going to be a vote of no confidence, it has to be against the system itself. I have inmates that are there two years all the way up to eight years. That seems to clog up the system as well," he says.

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