Pearl River to potentially flood Jackson streets - - Jackson, MS

WEATHER ALERT: Pearl River could flood Jackson streets (list included)

Hinds County Emergency Management held a press conference, Tuesday morning, regarding the status of the Pearl River, and the chances for more serious flooding.

The new information indicates that the Pearl River will rise to 35 feet by 6 am Wednesday morning.

Officials say the creeks in Hinds County can't hold any additional backwater.

There's more rain coming into Pearl River Basin than officials expected and they say it's more than it can hold.

Officials say the river will go up fast and eventually hit 35.5 feet by Friday morning. Officials say this event is not expected to be as bad as the 1979 flood.

Most of the flooding will affect areas in city of Jackson. Officials say there is not as much in the county.

It's a scenario folks like Randy Osborne know all too well.

"I'll just have to get out till the river goes back down," Osborne explained. "35 will put it right close to the floor and you won't be able to get in and out the parking lot."

Part of the parking lot at Osborne's upholstery business was already filled with water Tuesday.

"I've had to leave before," he said. "Probably the longest I've had to stay out of here close to two weeks."

Osborne says he doesn't have much of a choice but to close. He's hoping customers will understand.

Hinds County Emergency Management Director Ricky Moore says that no homes should be affected, just some streets. Moore says it usually take a 36.2 foot river to get into houses. Still, 35.5 feet is enough to put residents in one northeast Jackson neighborhood on alert.

"Very disturbed because there's a lot of elderly people over here that retired over here and we only have one way in and one way out.," said resident Darryl Roby. "That's about a quarter of a mile away from here."

The streets that could possibly be affected by the flooding of the Pearl River at 35 feet are:

  • Annie Street 
  • Beasley Street
  • Cypress Trail
  • Deer Trail
  • Foxboro Drive
  • Galilee Street - low areas only
  • Greenwood at Hardy Streets
  • Harrow Drive and Riverwood - intersection
  • Hudson Street - east end
  • Julienne Street - low areas only
  • Martin Street
  • McNutt Street
  • Moncure Road - Hinds County
  • Nichols Street
  • Offutt Street
  • Old Brandon Road closed
  • President Street form Silas Brown - south end
  • River Cove
  • River Glenn
  • River Road - north
  • Riverwood and Harrow Drive - intersection
  • Rollingwood at Yucca Drive - south end
  • Rosemary Road - Hinds County
  • Sidney Street
  • South West (between Rankin and Hwy 80) - one lane closed
  • South West Street (900 block) - north bound lane closed
  • South West Street (900 block) - south bound lane closed
  • South Congress Street form Silas Brown Street - south
  • South President Street at Beasley Street - intersection
  • Sproles Street
  • Village Park Mobile Homes (off I-55 E. Frontage Rd.) - water under trailers
  • Westbrook Road from Harrow Drive - east
  • Yucca Drive - south end

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