Richland businesses, residents watching the skies - - Jackson, MS

Richland businesses, residents watching the skies

RICHLAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Chasity Powell and her fiancee Mike Beard haven't yet begun to pick up the pieces in their rental home, West of Highway 49 in Richland.

It flooded Monday morning after Sunday's severe weather. Her young daughter alerted her to it.

"She said mom, the water's in the bathroom. I went in there, it was in the bathroom, it was coming up. I didn't think it was gonna come up so fast. Then it was in the kitchen," she tells us.

Beard says the house is in a flood plane, but he and Powell never had reason to worry about it.

The family spent the night in a hotel Tuesday night. The water line on their walls measures eight inches.

Mike's mother lives behind the couple.

"The water, as it kept rising, came into our house," she tells us, adding her husband got a vacuum to pull up all the water.

"He had done ten garbage cans of water out of the house at that time. He couldn't dump it outside because it would be coming back in the house," she says.

They are hoping Tuesday night's rain doesn't further complicate their problems.

Tim Lamphere at American Tire Distributors on Highway 49 has a similar wish.

"We discovered at about 3am yesterday that our parking lot and loading dock was flooded. It compromised the entire truck fleet," he tells us. "All eight were disabled. All were underwater. They're going to Ryder transportation today, and we will probably be without them for 6-8 weeks."

But the company rented a fleet, and despite some leftover water on Tuesday, employees are back to making their usual deliveries. 

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