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Polling places report high voter turnout for mayoral election

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Polls opened at 7 this morning, as voters in Jackson went to select their next Mayor. 

At noon most of the city started seeing a steady fall of rain, but most polling places report, that had no effect on voters in this election.

Poll workers said they saw a higher number of voters in this election, than they did in the Mayor's race a year ago.

Municipal Election Commissioner James Brooks said, "When I went out this morning to vote, people were coming out. This afternoon, I saw quite a few cars pulling up to the polls I visited."

Most voters were in and out of the voting booth in a minute, because there was just one race to vote on this time.

Election officials say there haven't been any major problems reported to them.

Election Commissioner Linda Sanders said, "It's a process were prepared for. I feel we prepared very well it has been going great today. I visited several precincts and haven't ran into any problems."

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