City of Jackson issue flooding alert - - Jackson, MS

City of Jackson issues flooding alert

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We're continuing to closely monitor the Pearl River, and how local officials are preparing for the worst.

At the MEMA presser, they continue to estimate the crest of the Pearl River at 35.5 feet on Friday.

The National Weather Service now says the forecast crest on the Pearl River at Carthage has been adjusted upward from minor to moderate flood with a crest of 24 feet on Friday (Rockport 36.5 ft tomorrow morning, Monticello 29.5 ft Friday night, Columbia 23.5 ft Monday.)
The City of Jackson is issuing an alert to all individuals in areas within the City of Jackson that
may be affected by flooding from the Pearl River and any of its tributaries.

All of these areas are likely to be affected by Sanitary Sewer Overflows ("SSO's") resulting from ground water and standing flood water overwhelming the sanitary sewer collection system and pump stations.

The water in these flooded areas is likely to be contaminated with raw sewage.

Sanitary Sewer Overflows are also likely to happen beyond the areas that are underwater.

If you see any water overflowing from a manhole, first stay away from the water and then report
the overflow to the City of Jackson at (601) 960-1875.

The following streets within the City of Jackson can expect to be affected by flood waters:

 Annie Street
 Beasley Street
 Cypress Trail
 Deer Trail
 Foxboro Drive
 Galilee Street - LOW AREAS ONLY
 Greenwood at Hardy Creek
 Harrow Drive and Riverwood - Intersection
 Hudson Street - East End
 Juienne Street - LOW AREAS ONLY
 Martin Street
 McNutt Street
 Moncure Rd - HINDS COUNTY
 Nichols Street
 Offutt Street
 Old Brandon Rd Closed
 President Street from Silias Brown South - South End
 River Cove
 River Glenn
 River Road North
 Riverwood And Harrow Drive - Intersection
 Rollingwood At Yuca Drive - South End
 Rosmary Rd - HINDS COUNTY
 Sidney Street
 Southwest (Between Rankin and Highway 80) - One Lane Closed
 Southwest Street - 900 Block - North Bound Lane Closed
 Southwest Street - 900 Block - South Bound Lane Closed
 South Congress Street from Silas Brown Street - South
 South President Street at Beasley Street - Intersection
 Sproles Street
 Village Park Mobil Homes (Off I-55 E. Frontage Rd) Water under trailers
 Westbrook Road from Harrow Drive East
 Yucca Drive - South End

Overflows pose hazards similar to those in public restrooms or even your own bathroom. If you,
your family, or your pets have contact with flood waters or an overflow, wash thoroughly with
soap and water.

Remember: Washing your hands carefully and often is the best defense against illness carried by animals or human waste.

Officials still say they don't believe floodwaters will pose a threat to Jackson homes.

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