Simpson Co. flooding keeping folks out of homes and businesses - - Jackson, MS

Simpson Co. flooding keeping folks out of homes and businesses

SIMPSON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Merit Road in Mendenhall sits between two creeks. With both of those now overflowing, folks like Chantal Stribling are left to abide by the water's time table. Not her own.

"Just really anxious to get in and start cleaning up," said Stribling.

Neighbors used a tow rope to pull a four wheeler out of Stribling's flooded yard. She said she wasn't prepared for things to get bad, this fast. So, her preps were minimal.

"Just pack up a bag with a few clothes," she explained.

One of the overflowing creeks blocked the section of the road that leads to Eason's Fish House that's been in business for 37 years. The owner went to restaurant to see the damage for the first time Wednesday. The last time she'd been there was Monday when they packed up.

Water lines on the wooden building showed it has dropped. But not enough for Candi Lewis to go inside. They did their best to get ready and were able to get the cookers and deep freezers out.

"The rest of it we thought we had up high enough," said owner Candi Lewis. "But apparently not. We weren't expecting this."

It's not the family's first go-around with the restaurant flooding.

"Normally we can get back in within a couple of days," explained Lewis. "But not this time. I mean even if I do get it cleaned up and get ready. I've got no place to seat customers."

A trip down the rest of the road led to even more flooding. It looked like ponds where it's normally pastures.Water was rushing over the road, creating an almost waterfall effect.

It's similar problems keeping roads across Simpson County closed. Some of them only have yellow caution tape to prevent drivers from going through.

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