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Wednesday's Child-Taytum

Taytum  is now 15 years old. She has been in foster care since she was 11.  She's hoping to find a family on this week's Wednesday's Child who understands she is still a kid, she is still learning, and she is not perfect. Taytum says she is ready to have a permanent home where she doesn't have to worry about moving.

Taytum is a big fan of TV shows that make her think.  Watching them has helped her choose a career.

"I want to be a medical examiner. Wow, so you want to be a coroner?  Yes. What made you get interested in that?  Oh I think since I was little I've been watching Law and Order and NCIS and I just got interested in it", Taytum told us.

Math and science are her favorite subjects. She is hoping to be tested to skip a grade.

"Cause I want to graduate early so I can just go to college and make something of myself", said Taytum.

Taytum says she has lots a friends and she's a girly girl.

"Well I never really had a good childhood so I kind of like my teenage years, it's just been better", Taytum explained.

She also likes cell phones, sports, computers, and listening to music.

"Everything I do, if I'm mad I can listen to happy songs, if I'm sad I can listen to happy songs, if I just, whatever kind of mood I'm in I can just listen to music and it automatically cheers me up", Taytum said.

She has been in foster care for 4 years and says it has been difficult because she would much rather have a family.

"I think it's been hard on me because I've had to move around so many times. I've been in facilities", said Taytum.

Taytum wants a family who is accepting and supportive.

"I understand that families are gonna have ups and downs so I mean somebody who is definitely not gonna be extremely hard on me because I make mistakes.   Somebody whose gonna understand I'm a kid as well and just understand that I'm going to make mistakes too", Taytum added.

For more information call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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