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4 year old's name released in pit bull attack

SIMPSON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Four-year-old Victoria Mullins is still in critical condition after being attacked by three pit bulls Wednesday evening.

Her grandfather and his girlfriend were arrested for Child Endangerment and have since bonded out of jail. A friend of Donald Mullins says the dogs were extremely dangerous.

"If you raise your hand in a violent, quick movement, he'll jump on you," said William Jones.

"The dogs were lose, the baby was unattended," said Matthew Jones. "If the baby would have been attended, this would not have happened."

Four year old Victoria Mullins remains in critical condition at UMMC with injuries to her face and body after being attacked by her grandfather's pit bulls, according to the Simpson County Sheriff Kenneth Lewis.

It happened Wednesday inside Donald Mullins home on Garrett Road in Harrisville. William and Matthew Jones have lived with Mullins for the past five weeks, but were asked to move out Wednesday. The father and son say 9 of the 10 pit bulls lived in pens outside Mullins' home. 

"He's got one dog in the house that is really mean and really vicious," said William Jones. "The little girl should have not been around that dog. And I just know which one that done it because when one jumps, that's the main one, he's the leader. When he jumps, they all jump."

Matthew was over at Mullins house Wednesday and saw Victoria playing inside the house. He says even though she was inside, she was still not safe because the other nine dogs could still get to her.

"The door is there, but it's so weak they are able to pull through it and come in the house," added Matthew Jones.

"I don't know how he raised these dogs," said William Jones. "These dogs, these dogs are mean. Everyone of them is mean in their own way."

Sheriff Lewis says the dogs were signed over to the Mississippi Animal Rescue League.

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