JPS mom upset daughter was put off bus miles from home - - Jackson, MS

JPS mom upset daughter was put off bus miles from home

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Jackson mother wants to know why her daughter was left far from her home by a Jackson Public School District bus driver.   The outraged mother says her daughter walked for miles -- even into another city and she wants to know what JPS is going to do about it.  

Indera Coleman-Lofton said on Tuesday evening, she feared the worst for her 11-year-old daughter when she didn't come home from school.   She went to Siwell Middle School, but despite help from the principal, could not find her.  

What she didn't know was that, according to the 11-year-old, she had gotten on a different bus to go to a friend's house. Those plans fell through, and the bus driver dropped the daughter off miles from her home.  

"When the driver put her off at this orange and white house, my daughter was like, 'Here? This is where you're putting me off?' And she was like, 'Yes, get off my bus,'" Lofton said.  

While Lofton was filing a missing person's report for her child, her daughter was walking the streets, trying to find her way home.  

"She made it down to the sign that says 'Welcome to Clinton.' And there's a pond down there, there were dogs barking, cars were zooming by her. She was afraid," the mother said.  

Lofton said a bystander found her daughter, still walking, and offered to take her home.  

"I am indebted to her forever, because that could have been a sexual predator. That could have been a kidnapper, stalker…anything," Lofton said. "My child could have been lost to us forever."  

Now she wants the incident investigated and the driver adequately punished.  

"I don't know her name or anything, but I do want her to be fired," said Lofton. "Because if she did put my daughter off her bus, what did she expect? Did she expect my child to walk home or back to the school?"  

JPS spokesperson Sherwin Johnson released a statement on behalf of the school district.   "JPS is aware of the parent's allegation and is investigating the complaint. The District values the safety of its students and will continue to make sure the proper procedures are followed when transporting students to and from school," the statement said.  

Lofton maintains that once her daughter got on the school bus -- even though it wasn't the one she typically rides -- the bus driver had a responsibility to get the daughter back home.   She says the bus driver – and the district – failed to do that.

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