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Rainfall increases flood concerns

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Flooding continues to threaten more communities in central Mississippi this week. Waves of long tracking storms, dropping several inches of rain continue to pass through the area, over already flooded waterways.

The good news is that most of the water levels in local waterways started to drop over the weekend, so there was room for some of this rain to fall into.

At the National Weather Service in Jackson, all eyes are closely monitoring the radar, for storms on the horizon.

The Pearl river in Jackson which crested over the weekend, is starting to fall, but more rain in the river basin, could send it back up.

"The reservoir discharges have remained the same throughout the night," said State Hydrologist Marty Pope. "They've lowered their outflow over the weekend, so were in pretty good shape there but were going to have to wait and see how the additional rainfall effects us."

Flooding on the Big Black river is nearing record numbers. Rainfall early Monday sent the river soaring a foot above the projected crest levels in just a few hours, as up to four inches of rain fell, with nowhere else to drain to.

"The rivers and small streams are full and the soil is extremely saturated so we're going to have to keep watching it," added Pope. "If you're in an area that floods, and it's flash flooding you're definitely susceptible tonight as we get this next line coming through here because it could produce locally heavy rainfall."

Flash flooding in Madison county led to the closure of Yandell road, when a nearby lake overflowed in to the street. Traffic was turned around, while reptiles were tossed around in the current.

Residents in low lying, flood prone areas, are being warned to have an escape plan, and watch weather reports, so if rising waters surround their home, they won't be taken by surprise.

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