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What you need to know about insurance post-disaster

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippians are in recovery mode after a double dose of weather last week with tornado damage in one part of the state and river flooding in others. Insurance agent Durr Boyles explained the product he sells as a great tool to protect your bank account when disaster hits.

"If you don't have the insurance policy, then you have to go to your bank account to pay the damages," said Boyles.

Flood waters got so high that some residents had to be rescued by boat. Boyles says there's some important things to remember when you come back after being flooded out.

"Take care of your stuff first," he explained. "Protect it from further damage. The insurance company will be there soon."

There's an easy step that can help move the claim process along.

"Take pictures of everything," Boyles said. "Pictures are worth a thousand words. Insurance companies understand pictures."

Boyles said these scenes can serve as a reminder to those who have passed on homeowner or flood insurance in the past.

"Instead of just buying insurance in a flood zone, look at where you are compared to a body of water, like a creek or drainage area and consider buying flood coverage if you're in those areas," he described. "Maybe a higher deductible if you don't like the cost."

An EF-2 tornado ripped through Covington County last week. Waiting on an insurance adjuster wasn't an option for most folks. The good news is that the damage could be covered if they have existing insurance policies.

"Wind damage is what we call tornado," Boyles said. "Wind damage can apply to a lot of different things but it includes tornadoes. Wind damage is pretty much included all the time in your homeowners policy."

Mississippi Emergency Management said Monday there's no yes or no answer about whether storm victims will qualify for federal assistance. MEMA officials say they've gone out to survey and get exact numbers on homes and businesses damaged. Now, they're exploring every avenue for any type of assistance.

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