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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Red Flag on Flag Chapel

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Abandoned houses are bad enough in a community, but an empty shopping complex and parking lot presents a whole new set of problems.

Problems, the folks who live along North Flag Chapel Road, asked 3 On Your Side to help them tackle. I check it out in this Taking Back Our Neighborhoods report.

Presidential Hills residents say The Red Rooster Store was a pretty nice place to shop. There was even a coin operated laundry, but it's closed now and it's drawing an entirely different kind of customer.

It's pretty clear the one time center of activity and commerce has become nothing more than a big dumping ground and neighbors are pretty upset about that.

"I love my neighborhood. I'm not letting it go down," said Ronnie Jones.

Jones said he has lived in Presidential Hills 42 years and he has no plans to move.

A look around the facility and you can see all kinds of discards; everything from an old commode, a broken printer and used tires to beer bottles and yard trimmings. Jones blames the growing pile of refuse on dumpers who don't live in the neighborhood.

"We have called the city several times and a lady came out here today, took pictures, said it was her first knowledge about it," said Jones. We been calling several weeks about."

The eyesore was so frustrating, Jones considered doing something about it on his own.

"I was going to take my own trailer and money and me and the guys in the neighborhood; we was gonna clean it up and try to get it cleaned up and look presentable," said Jones. "And hope that whoever own the store, they can get it cleaned up, come by and put a fence or something around it; block it off what can't nobody come on it. I mean, whoever own the property, they need to have it cleaned up and that's it, you know, it shouldn't be this way out here."

Checking the Hinds County Tax Rolls, the property, 988 Flag Chapel Road, now belongs to the APJ llc. I contacted city officials about the property.

Community Improvement Manager, Patty Stewart said,

"The property at 988 Flag Chapel Road was adjudicated as a menace to public health, safety and welfare by the hearing officer in Municipal Court on Tuesday, January 28th," said Community Improvement Manager Patty Stewart. "Currently, we are at the stage of adding the property to the next grass and weed quote package for bids. After the bidding process and the order is approved by city council, the contractor that wins the bid will be provided with a notice to proceed."

We will keep you posted.

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