Lake Floods Simpson County - - Jackson, MS

Lake floods Simpson County community

SIMPSON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Safety has been restored in a Simpson County community where people saw a wall of water rushing towards their homes overnight. The problem, a nearby lake that had flooded.

The 30-acre lake is on private property on Hawkins Road just west of Harrisville.

County officials say a trench was cut to bring the water level down. When that washed out, it sent a river of water downstream, covering nearby Delancey Road.

At least one resident was trapped in their home when their driveway was washed out.

"The water coming across right here, it was probably 3-4 feet deep," said resident Helen Wyatt. "I would say it was coming across our branch of our road at such a high current, I walked down a little bit but it could have took me under."

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality says the lake was not permitted, and that the owner will have to hire an engineer and fill out applications with the state to rebuild it.

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