MS Tea Party president calling on GOP chairman's resignation - - Jackson, MS

MS Tea Party president calling for GOP chairman's resignation

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The president of the Mississippi Tea Party is calling on a change from the top down. The target is Mississippi GOP chairman Joe Nosef.

"We're asking him to apologize and acknowledge his errors and if he won't do that, he should resign."

A flyer for a pro-gun rally in North Mississippi is kicking up dust. Nosef said Chris McDaniel should clarify the claims that he will be in attendance.

One of the vendors on the poster has been billed as "segregationist". Chris McDaniel is listed as the keynote speaker. His camp has since said he never agreed to attend.

Political analyst and author Andy Taggart thinks Nosef made the right call.

"What more proper role for the state party chairman to fill than to tell a candidate, look this is something that needs to be explained to the voters," said Taggart.

Still, the Tea Party thinks it's evidence that Nosef isn't being neutral.

"We believe that he's violated the bylaws of the Republican Party in the state of Mississippi by getting the point where he's asking Chris for information and not asking Cochran to do so," said Mississippi Tea Party President Laura Van Overschelde.

"Anyone who has paid close attention to our US Senate primary knows that I've not only stayed neutral with regard to the candidates but also worked relentlessly against efforts to divide our party," said Nosef in a statement.

Taggart, who is openly supporting Senator Thad Cochran, doesn't think the Tea Party's allegations are signs of a divide.

"When we see a shot across the bow like the state party chairman ought to resign, the only people chuckling are the democrats in the state," said Taggart.

WLBT has sent invitations to both candidates to debate next month. Chris McDaniel accepted that invitation last week. We have not received a reply from Senator Thad Cochran.

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