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School District preps every junior for ACT

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Here's an equation you can understand, even if you aren't into math. The higher you make on the ACT equals the more money you get for college.

The Madison County School District are keeping that answer at the top of their priority list with an ACT prep day for every junior in the district.

"Because we view the ACT as the super bowl for us," explained Assistant Superintendent Edith Mitchell.

With T-minus-6 days until the test, all the juniors were split up according to their scores on the pre-ACT test called PLAN.

"It's so important to teach strategies," said Mitchell. "Such as time management, how to eliminate possible answer choices, how to move through the test and to be able to complete it."

Next year, the state will cover the costs for every junior in Mississippi to take the ACT. Ridgeland High School Assistant Principal Tim Dowdy says it just makes sense.

"Every household understands what ACT means and what the ACT score stands for because that is the language that is spoken towards colleges," Dowdy said.

Governor Bryant has proposed that the test be used as the high school exit exam, instead of the current state tests. He wanted to see how it would go with a pilot program but the legislation didn't survive this session. Madison Central's principal still supports the idea because the ACT.

"Can translate into dollars, unlike any other assessment that we've had in this state," explained principal Austin Brown. "Because again basically these assessments have just been linked to high school. It hasn't been beneficial like something they can carry into college and this does."

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