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Cash, guns and drugs: Operation Bunny Hop success

HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It wasn't Easter eggs that were found by Hinds County investigators during Operation Bunny Hop over the weekend.

"14.35 pounds of marijuana seized, 8.7 grams of cocaine, 4.5 grams of ICE," says Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis.

Also confiscated: Xanax, Codeine, 11 handguns, cell phones, a Dodge Charger, and more than $12,000 in cash. The joint investigation with the Madison and Rankin Sheriff's Departments and a few other agencies resulted in 147 arrests, 52 of them for felonies.

A lot of the drugs, guns and cash came from gentlemen's clubs, Like Black Diamonds off McDowell Road.

"We went there two nights in a row and was able to confiscate some narcotics," Sheriff Lewis says. "We have to do an investigation to find out if the operation is actually being operated out of the club, or the individuals are bringing it into the club. We did have a conversation with the managers and owners to put them on notice," he tells us, adding that if the illegal activity continues, the process can begin to shut down the clubs.

Specifically, marijuana and pills were found at Black Diamonds.

Six night clubs were raided, based on intel. Not all of the raids produced illicit goods.

Sheriff Tyrone Lewis will be able to put the cash and the weapons to good use.

"The money we confiscate through drug activity, once it clears the courts, can be used in two different fashions. That's for training and equipment," he says.

Once the handguns clear the courts, they can be traded for weapons that the agency can use. 

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