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Walt's Look Around: Easter

Easter weekend means lots of things; maybe a new outfit to wear to church Sunday, an Easter egg hunt, or a family reunion. Here are some other things happening in Mississippi right now. 

This stack of hay bails is what prompted the idea of what all goes on around Easter. This bunny stack is in Attala County. It was emailed to us by a couple of people.

They never said exactly where in Attala County, But it's the thought that counts, somebody doing something for the rest of us to enjoy; Kind of like outdoor Christmas decorations.

Here's another example. Agnes Raiff spends weeks putting up and taking down her yard Easter decorations in Wesson. And The rest of the year in between put up and take down times she works on touching them up or creating new ones.

Here's something else that takes a lot of time to stage at Easter, the presentation of His Last Days by the Methodist Church in Kosciusko.

This passion play has been going on for years. It is just a part of the community now. Some of the same people have been playing parts in this presentation for many years 

Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. In a normal year that means the frost and freezes are over and nature is reborn.

It's an object lesson just outside the window of any church house readily available for any pastor to refer to. And since at least someone is going to be gazing out the window during the sermon, why not use it.

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