Court rules horse stables unsanitary - - Jackson, MS

Court rules Natchez horse stables unsanitary

NATCHEZ, Miss. (AP) - The Natchez Environmental Court has found Carriage Tours owner George Vines guilty of having unsanitary stables.

The Natchez Democrat reports Vines was fined $1,000 and $150 in court costs.

The citations for which Vines was on trial were written by code enforcement officer Nikki Johnson Feb. 5 at the behest of animal control officer Randy Meyers.

Vines did not testify. Vines has until June 16 to pay his fine.

Johnson testified Monday the stables smelled very strongly of animal waste.

Dr. Byron Garrity, a Natchez veterinarian who has treated Vines' horses since he started the carriage tour business, said he visited the stables several times during February and had never seen a danger to the horses due to the water and the mud.

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