The vote count begins to see who will be Jackson's next mayor - - Jackson, MS

The vote count begins to see who will be Jackson's next mayor

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Many precincts report a steady flow of voters all day, as Jackson residents went to the polls to elect a new mayor.

Poll workers at Callaway High School say it's been a steady flow of people all day long.

Supporters of both candidates have been camped out here with signs all day at Callaway High School, trying to sway those last minute voters, at least 1,000 people are expected at this one location.

So far no problems reported at this precinct and many voters say the process has been really quick.

"I voted for Tony Yarber," said Rickey Webster. "I think he's the most experienced candidate and he was actually my second choice."

"It was some what of a challenge because I know both guys," said Shirley Tucker. "But I had to go with my heart, who I believe will run the city of Jackson well."  

Jackson City Clerk Brenda Pree says the new mayor will not take office until the election results are certified. They have until Friday to get that done.

Polls are closed and the results should start coming in soon.

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