My Turn: Passing the torch - - Jackson, MS

My Turn: Passing the torch

The citizens of Jackson have elected a new mayor from an original field of thirteen candidates.

One theme that echoed loudly in the primary and the general election; Jackson wants a change from the politics of the past.  Jackson voters strongly rejected the establishment candidates to narrow the field to two young men. 

Chokwe Antar Lumumba sought establishment endorsements like Congressman Bennie Thompson and Supervisor Kenneth I. Stokes while Tony Yarber received endorsements from several local pastors. 

It also didn't help Lumumba that a group called Citizens for Decency aired a video clip critical of Yarber.  Hopefully in the future candidates and their supporters will learn that when you sling mud you only lose ground. 

We wish the best to Mayor Yarber and hope he is successful in leading Jackson. 

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