UMMC preparing to receive trauma patients - - Jackson, MS

UMMC confirms at least 2 deaths in Winston County

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The University of Mississippi Medical Center is preparing for receive patients from areas with tornado injuries. A hospital spokesman says hey have confirmed two deaths in Winston County.

Winston City Hall was abuzz with activity Monday night, as crews arrived to help in the recovery effort.

Governor Phil Bryant's wife Deborah was also on hand assisting.  She was traveling through the area and took shelter when the tornado hit.

Officials report the twister was almost a mile wide, and was on the ground for most of the time as it crossed the county.

Several homes in the county were destroyed, and neighborhoods were not accessible late into the evening.

The Lee County Coroner has also confirmed one death.

Emergency Operations Procedures have been activated and they have a three man team headed to Louisville to assess the situation there. The Winston County Medical Center is one of the buildings hit but they are not aware of any causalities.

Window's were blown out at the facility, and cars were tossed about the parking lot, and thrown into a nearby field.

School in Louisville is canceled through Wednesday.

The First Methodist Church was also being used as a shelter.

Several residents from a nursing home near the Medical Center were moved to the shelter, after the roof was damaged in the storm.

An 8-year-old trauma patient is being transferred to UMMC.

A UMMC spokesperson say MedCom is also on standby for current developments in the Jackson Metro area.

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Emergency Operations Procedures have been activated at the University of Mississippi Medical

UMMC's MedCom is taking all emergency calls from Winston County

UMMC is headed to Louisville, MS with a three man team to assess and triage.

UMMC officials say they are not aware of other casualties, but will begin assessing shortly

UMMC spokesperson say MedCom is on standby for current metropolitan developments

An 8 Year old Trauma patient is being transferred to UMMC.


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