Storm hits leaves Lake Caroline in the dark - - Jackson, MS

Storm hits leaves Lake Caroline in the dark

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Officials say the Lake Caroline subdivision was the hardest hit area of Madison County. Trees were snapped in half and power lines were draped and blocking some of the roads.

There's also quite a bit of structural damage to homes. Our crews walked back into the neighborhood and saw one home with the backside of the roof completely shredded. Inside the house, there's water everywhere.

The homeowner was just glad his family wasn't hurt.

Sheriff Randy Tucker says he saw the funnel cloud over the neighborhood.  

"That's our job, to be here in the middle of it and keep an eye on our residents," said Sheriff Tucker. "That's what we were doing. Just kind of got caught in the middle of it but the funnel cloud did touch down here. It went and touched down again on the other side of the lake. But we're very fortunate."

One home owner's boathouse was ripped off from the boat slip and landed in the backyard, with the boat.

Sheriff Tucker says there are no injury reported, but residents were without power Monday night.

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