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Daycare owner saves life of 4-year-old found in storm rubble

Ashtyn Rose Mitchell  (Source: Family) Ashtyn Rose Mitchell (Source: Family)
Ruth's Childcare Center (what's left of it) Ruth's Childcare Center (what's left of it)
Picture of Ruth Bennett found in the rubble Picture of Ruth Bennett found in the rubble
LOUISVILLE, MS (Mississippi News Now) - It's the calm after the storm, but for many families, recovery is just beginning. Nine deaths were reported in Winston County and a number of injuries, including children.  

We spoke exclusively with a family whose 4-year-old was recovered from the rubble. That 4 year old is in the ICU at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Hospital officials say they are treating 3 children and a number of adults who were injured after Monday's severe weather.

Images of destruction out of Louisville paint the picture of just how bad the town was hit after an EF4 tornado touched down Monday. Coysheena Mitchell and her husband Willie's 4 year old daughter Ashtyn Rose Mitchell were caught in the middle of it.

"I left to go and pick her up from daycare but there was no daycare to pick her up from" said Coysheena Mitchell. "Ashtyn was at Ruth's Childcare Center. It was completely destroyed in the storm."

"My daughter was missing and when I got off work. I'm the main one get her," said Willie Mitchell. "And Ms. Ruth and my kids be basically bout the last ones there."

Ashtyn made it out alive. Ms. Ruth did not.

"She never left her side, she protected her," said Willie Mitchell.

Ashtyn remains in the ICU at Blair Batson Children's hospital. She's improving, but she suffered multiple bruises, a broken leg, and liver damage.

"Ima be forever grateful to her forever because she gave the ultimate sacrifice so my baby could live," said Mitchell. "She gave her life for Ashtyn.

The family has started to pick up the pieces of their lives shattered by the storm. The Mitchell's not only thank Ms. Ruth, but they also thank whoever found their baby girl.

"Whoever found my baby, please just look us up or try to find us in Louisville because we just forever grateful for finding Ashtyn alive and getting her to the hospital."

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