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Disaster Areas

Good Thursday morning from MSNewsNow's Brandon Artiles.

It's 48 degrees as you roll out of bed this morning. While it's a chilly start we'll be comfortable this afternoon, and meterologist Julia Weiden will start looking ahead to see what kind of weather we can expect this weekend, in her First Alert Forecast.

Happening now, residents in seven Mississippi counties are preparing to apply for federal funding after suffering damage in Monday's tornadoes. The funding is available after President Obama declared the storms a major disaster. We'll let you know what counties are included at the top of the hour.

Plus, an 11-year-old Mississippi boy is kidnapped after a home invasion Wednesday morning. The latest on how police are progressing in tracking the child down is coming up in the AM Report.

And, Congressman Bennie Thompson is doubling-down on racially-charged comments he made toward the U.S. Supreme Court's lone African-American.

Those stories and more are heading your way.

Please join us from 5 to 7, and Mississippi News Now continues on FOX 40 from 7 to 9.

Have a great Friday eve!


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