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"Brandon Day" comes at just the right time

BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's a celebration city officials say Brandon residents needed after a rough week battling Mother Nature.

"There's nothing like the Southern spirit," said Brandon resident Tracy Klein. "Ain't nothing gonna take us down."

 The EF-3 tornado that left a thousand-acre path of destruction through the city missed Klein's house by half a block, but living without power and dealing with uncertainty took a toll on her.

Klein brought her daughter to Brandon Day at Shiloh Park, an annual event filled with things to do and most importantly, a much-needed break for both of them.

"Yeah, she needed a good giggle. Both of us did," said Klein. "It's been real stressful."

Her daughter agrees.

"It's a big weight lifted," said Elisabeth Burris. "All the stress off my shoulders and all the nervousness that everything might come back. It's been really crazy and I'm just glad it's over."

That's why Presley Stiglets came out, too. She's not from Brandon, but calls the metro her home while she's in school. Stiglets said this kind of fun only helps the healing process.

"I definitely think it's a great atmosphere and it's great for people to get away and escape all the bad things that have happened," said Stiglets.

Some even wondered if the city would have enough time and resources to put on a festival in the wake of so much damage. Mayor Butch Lee said it was close, but they did it.

"We're resilient. This is the fourth time we've been through this in recent memory," said Lee. "You find a lot of good neighbors, lot of good churches that turned out to help people. There's been a lot of that going on and we're slowly coming back to life."

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