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Barnett Reservoir increases fees for area parks

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ROSS BARNETT RESERVOIR (Mississippi News Now) -

Starting Saturday, it'll cost you more to visit any of the parks along the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

The fee applies to vehicles entering Old Trace Park, Pelahatchie Shore Park, and Lakeshore Park.

The fees only take effect on weekends and holidays from noon until the parks close.

But the $5 fee is a $2 increase over last year.
The Pearl River Valley Water Supply District's board of directors approved the increase for crowd control and to keep questionable behavior out.

Some we talked to seem to understand the reasons behind it, but not everybody's on board.

"I remember coming here a long time ago and they were checking insurance and driver's licenses when you first came in, and that turned a lot of people away. 

Reporter: It's a public park.

"Yep and it it's public, I feel like anybody should be able to come and have fun, but $5.00 is just too much," said Octavia Cooper.

Officials say the increase will go to pay a portion of reservoir police officer's salaries.

They're also offering a $30 annual fee for those who frequent the parks.


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